Cassandra Durham is the founder of Black Girl Candle Company. She is an author, a woman of faith, an encourager of others and a champion of the underdog. BGCC was the perfect way to marry her love of a great smelling man and fantastic fragrances.

I am a African American faith-based candlemaker who creates atmospheric changing candles for stressed out women who seek moments of peace and clarity.

Why Choose Us?

Each scent is mixed and remixed until it arouses memories of hot tropical vacations, holidays in grandma’s kitchen or even the titillating sweet recollection of the one who got away. It is my hope each candle will set the atmosphere and tone of your space.

At times I hope my scents will rouse warm, loving memories. Perhaps helps you to create new lasting impressions. And at other times help to relax your mind and leave the troubles of the day behind.

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Thank you for supporting Black Girl Candle Company- we cannot wait to entice your consciousness with our jaw dropping scents.