Hand Crafted Candles

At Black Girl Candle Company, we see you. We see your vibrant spirit, your dedication to your family, and your unwavering
commitment to creating a nurturing world for your family. We understand the
challenges you face, the struggles you've overcome, and the dreams that burn
brightly within you.

Our candles aren't just candles. They're beacons of
validation, sources of strength, and celebrations of our
heritage. We've crafted each candle with the intention to honor your identity,
to remind you of your worth, and to empower you to rise above every challenge
life presents.

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Only the Best

An exclusive line of handcrafted candles that represent the full spectrum of the black girl experience in America. From vintage to modern, these gorgeous candles are nostalgia in a jar for your nose and soul, and will definitely get some serious feelings.

About Us

    We hand pour all our products in small batches to ensure & maintain high quality control management.


    All of our home fragrance products are made with the highest quality, natural & premium non-toxic ingredients.


    If you need a scented candle to boost your Spirit, try our Spa Day candle with it's Tonka and Green Leaves to soothe your spirit.


    The soothing effects of Black Girl Candle Company candles improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and even combat fatigue or loneliness.