Fully Persuaded.

Fully Persuaded.

I wrote this back in 2010, as I again find myself at a crossroads in life... Do I keep Black Girl Candle Company open, or do I close it/ Do I stop and rebrand/relaunch, or do I leave it alone? Do I wait on God, or is God telling me this season is over. The other day in my prayer time He said " Don't Count Me Out." In other words, even when the entire world is against you- don't count yourself out, just yet. This morning I was reminded of this devotional I wrote so many years ago... and I hope it encourages you as your face your own challenges and worries today.



 Romans 4:21 And being fully persuaded that, what he has promised, he is able to perform

     Have you ever been thoroughly convinced about something? Consider for a moment the basic act of sitting in a chair. When we grab a chair, pull it out, and prepare to sit in it: the thought never crosses our mind that the chair cannot hold us, it never occurs to us that the chair cannot bear our weight. We never consider these things because of our history with the chair it has never failed us before.

     How about our relationship with God? Have we been fully convinced that God is able to do exactly whatever he says he will do? Do we fully believe, rely upon, and trust his every word? Has God ever promised us anything that he has done? The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy, he wants to kill out our dreams and hopes for the future, he wants to steal every promise that God has made to us, and he wants to destroy any and all faith that we have in God. Yet we have a history with God. Based on that proven history, we can be fully persuaded. Fully persuaded that God loves us, fully persuaded that God is able to bring to fruition anything in which he speaks. Fully persuaded that he is a healer, fully persuaded that he is a deliverer, fully persuaded that he is a mind regulator, fully persuaded that he is our provider, fully persuaded that he is the bishop and captain of our souls, fully persuaded that there is nothing going on in our lives that he does not know about and care about. 

Let's pray-

Lord, in the name of Jesus there are moments when we stand at the cusp of darkness, peering over in fear, that every promise you've spoken and every word you've declared becomes alive in our lives. God help us to hold onto your unchanging hand so that we can be fully persuaded that you'll do just what you said. In Jesus name, Amen!

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