Can You Stand To Be Blessed?

Can You Stand To Be Blessed?

This morning in my solitude- I heard and felt this urgency…Can you stand to be blessed?

See everybody want to be blessed. They want to walk blessed, talk blessed and most of all too look blessed.

But can you really stand to be blessed?

My mind reflected on Mary, the mother of Jesus and how the angel of the lord told her, Mary you are highly favored and blessed of all women…

And initially that seemed like a good thing.

Until she had to withstand being pregnancy under unconventional means.

Until she watched her son ridiculed, beaten, spat upon and ultimately hanging on a cross.

Can you stand to be blessed?

I thought I wanted to be blessed.

I didn’t fully understand that “being blessed by God” also meant being tested, tried, pushed, pulled, misunderstood, betrayed, walking the floor at night, uncertainty, and lot of tears.

I’m not saying this to scare you off wanting or pursuing the blessings of God…I’m just saying that there will be a price to pay.

Ever seen someone highly anointed- can I whisper in your ear they’ve experienced high level of pain.

See the only way up with God is down, meaning you’ve got to get low baby. You’ve got to get low with fasting, reading your Bible, denying your flesh, all the things that make you uncomfortable and uncertain.

So while everyone is on social media posting fantastic trips, humongous business deals, beautiful marriages, awesome children…remember things are NOT often as they appear. And then ask yourself Can I stand to be blessed?

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