Be still

Be still

Be Still and Know

I am one of those people who will push through, No matter the obstacle. No matter how exhausted. No matter how disappointed. No matter how sick. No matter how afraid. No matter how difficult. I will suck up my pain and frustration and somehow, someway push through. Sometimes we are so busy pushing, grinding, moving, and making it happen that we fail to Be Still and Know.

This morning Holy Spirit led me to Psalm 46:10.

See I’ve been pushing, praying, fighting, sweating, crying, trying to make sure everything gets done and goes according to plan. My life is in crazy transition right now…and I’ve got some things up before God that if He doesn’t manifest His glory in..I have no idea of what will happen. (Fear of uncertainty)

 Holy Spirit reminded me I needed to “Be Still and Know.”

I’m sitting here amid silence- listening- waiting- watching…and the word Still resonates deeply in me.


Still means deep silence and calm, stillness. - not moving or making a sound.

I know this is where many will tell you…hush so the devil can’t hear or make war with your plan. But instead, I want to say wait and listen for the STILL small voice of God. Be still and listen for direction and instruction. God is NOT going to overtalk all the voices in your head or in your ear. In my life God doesn’t speak loudly, forcefully or brash. He doesn’t make me feel hurried or rushed or I must lean to instant gratification in my decisions (that’s the enemy).

He is always loving, compassionate, and at times firm.

I’m going to sit here in relative silence and wait.

Today I’m going to be still.

Psalm 46:10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;

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