Baby Come Back !
Baby Come Back !
Baby Come Back !

Baby Come Back !

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It all begins with a random encounter with your toxic, narcissistic ex.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

You see him. He sees you.

He smiles. You smile too, but for a different reason.

You’re looking good, smelling fabulous, your wig is tight, and your waist is snatched.

Chile the look in his eye says it all… Baby. Come Back!

You step into his wide-open arms allowing him to inhale all of what he's been missing.

You step back, give him a sly grin and a come hither look. You may even kiss him on the cheek.

You glide to your car and drive away.

Watch out for that phone call later.

Trust me… He is still trifling. LOL

Baby, Come Back! - Our BGCC Signature Scent hums with a fresh sweet citrus blend that fans of the citrus scent will adore. Zesty orange and lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, and tangerine,