The Power Within Candle
The Power Within Candle

The Power Within Candle

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For every woman who ever needed to believe again!

This candle is to remind you- of when.

When you didn't need pretenses or prefixes.

When there wasn't someone pushing you down or causing you to swallow your feelings whole.

When you made your own choices, your own decisions, lived your own life.

This candle is for all those who are one away.... one step, one mishap, one accident, one lie, one heartbreak, one paycheck, or one more disappointment away from giving up.

Light it & Tap Into The Power Within.


What do you get when you mix sweet butterscotch, hints of cinnamon, with cocoa butter? Somehow you get all the deliciousness of black childhood. Back when we didn’t wear masks. Days filled with playing kickball, jumping double-Dutch, swimming at the local park, or being uncapped at the nearest fire hydrant. This caramel-butterscotch delight will take you back to the good old days when all we had to worry about was getting home before the street lights came on.